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[8 Svo] How to adjust Throttle Body

Scott Shidel... wrote:
> On Thu, 9 Oct 1997, Mike Fleming wrote:
> >
> > He needs to get higher octane and check to see that there's enough EGR
> > flow (which effects how fast you can get to full throttle - a different
> > story)and keep the KS conencted (and/or reduce boost pressure).
> >
> well, its jus that its a sudden thing.  The car hasn't been screwed with
> for over a few months, and thgis jus started happening.  he already runs
> 93 octane, and whats EGR flow have to do with it?  Having it totally
> blocked off shouldnt affect its tendency tyo ping, especially being the
> EGR is closed under boost anyhow.  Also, keeping the KS on and the boost
> low is a bandaid IMO, kinda makes ya say "whats the point in modding it"
> If the car stock runs about 16-17 psi, with the intercooler it should run
> 19 without a prob.  Especially being as it never had a prob b4.

Well, first off 19 is out of the efficiency range for the stock
compressor - so that's borderline as to whether it will even make more
power than 16 PSIG. Second, he's not running the same tank of gas as he
was "a few months ago" unless he hasn't driven the car in a long time.
Please don;t assume that the label on the pump is what you're getting
(note the date on the label - cause it ain't updated everyday!

Next, the pump octane rating is an average of the research octane number
(RON) and the motor octane number (MON). This discussion is too complex
for this posting but keep in mind that a 1.0 octane decrease in MON
needs probably a 5.0 increase in RON to satisfy these engines when
overboosted. The advantage of using the KS is that even after the mods
(whether they're done correctly or not or withing limits the engine can
handle or not - the engine still survives. Only bad effect [assuming the
KS system is functining properly] would be increased exhaust
temperatures and that only wears things out - it doesn't break them.

Each his own. I only tell you what works always and doesn't break things
and still pases emissions - which is my idea of what a street car is all
about. There are lots of things you can do to add a few more HP in
certain conditions but things start breaking when these limits are
exceeded - and that's what a race caar/engine is for. If you want 400HP
that's a race engine and he stock electroncis won;t work at all - and it
won't have a ice cubes chance in hell of being street legal either.

All of this is INHO, of course. But I've got lots of experience to
conclude that and all of my cars are street cars - driven daily and
quite reliable (and some people tell me they're pretty quick too).

Street cars need raliability in larger amounts.

<Soapbox off>

-Mike Fleming