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[1 Svo] Porting the Intakes

O.K. folks I need a little help sorting this all out. I am getting a Cam
from Dave and when I install it I thought I might aswell get the porting
done as well. Know through mostly confusion from the past round of
e-mails I'm not so sure whats good and bad. I asked this question once
before, are there specs to porting(ie. matched, gutted). It's obvious,
atleast I thought it was, it's a good thing to port the exhaust manifold
and the exhaust ports of the head. But what about the intake? Is it
better not to port at all? or is a small amount(or matched) a good
thing. Can someone please help me sort this out before I go and spend a
lot of money for nothing or doing the wrong things.

Thanks in advance
84 SVO, Silver