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[4 Svo] Porting the Intakes

Again I'd like to be backed up on this.  You may have noticed the later manifolds have the runners arranged in a square, like a 4 barrel manifold.  I have read in the Rapido catalog these flow much better but I don't know the reasons why.  The later heads that accompany these manifolds also flow better.  I have the article in MMFF which has been mentioned quite a bit here recently.  It explains some of the changes over the years.  If you give me a fax number I'll fax it too you along with some other stuff that may help.  Also I have some of these parts off of various engines I've collected in the past.  If your interested, there cheap.  If you visit the junkyards occasionally you can find most of these components dirt cheap (I mean really, really cheap) from various XR4Ti's or Turbo Coupes.