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[9 Svo] How to adjust Throttle Body

On Thu, 9 Oct 1997, Mike Fleming wrote:

I just want to start by saying I wa in no way attempting to flame or pick
at you.  I usually just cut rite to what I want to say, and sometimes it
may seem like i am being harsh when Im not tryin to.

> Well, first off 19 is out of the efficiency range for the stock
> compressor - so that's borderline as to whether it will even make more
> power than 16 PSIG. 

Well, its just less efficient.  Unless the efficiency is down at like 45%.
But these turbos are no gems either. I *heard* the highest efficiency
puddle on a map is like 68%.  Thats as good as it gets anyhow...And as for
turbos and efficiency goes, that straight up sux.

Second, he's not running the same tank of gas as he
> was "a few months ago" unless he hasn't driven the car in a long time.
> Please don;t assume that the label on the pump is what you're getting
> (note the date on the label - cause it ain't updated everyday!
Whattya mean?  You can see on the pump when they refilled the underground

> Next, the pump octane rating is an average of the research octane number
> (RON) and the motor octane number (MON). This discussion is too complex
> for this posting but keep in mind that a 1.0 octane decrease in MON
> needs probably a 5.0 increase in RON to satisfy these engines when
> overboosted.

With varying qualities of gas with the same octane rating, what is
considered good gas and whats lousy? I have no idea so I run Fina(or
Supertest brand) in the escort and Mobil in the Pinto.  I heard Mobil sux
too, but I never hear whats supposed to be better.

 The advantage of using the KS is that even after the mods
> (whether they're done correctly or not or withing limits the engine can
> handle or not - the engine still survives. Only bad effect [assuming the
> KS system is functining properly] would be increased exhaust
> temperatures and that only wears things out - it doesn't break them.
Thing about the KS that bothers me its alot more things than detonation 
set it off(ie, Motorsport roller off the top of my head).  thats why I
dont like to run it.  If the car is set up rite, it should work without
it, and even if something does happen, unless your really not paying
attention, you should be able to react and get off the throttle quick
enuff to atleast equal damage prevention capabilities of the KS.  Contrary
to maybe popular belief, it takes more than 3 seconds of detonation to
blow a head gasket.  I beleive its a good addition to a high risk
situation when being driven by people of varying intelligence(the way Ford
has to approach the situation), but I would think that almost everyone on
this list would have the sense to atleast let off if they heard
detonation. And that stategy will not damage your motor if you make an
effort to correct the problem.  Damge will occur if you bonehed around
like that for a year.
Hell, the pinto doesn't ping, but it went from running a 14.3 to running
13.9 on its first nite at the track when I dc'd the KS.

> Each his own. 

Thats true.  And I was jus asking what you thouht the relationship mite me
between TPS and pinging.  Thinking if the TPS was set too high that the
car may be going rite into the part throttle ignition tables too early
making it knock.  The solution is not to hook up the KS and turn d0own the
boost when it never did it before.  

I only tell you what works always and doesn't break things
> and still pases emissions - which is my idea of what a street car is all
> about. There are lots of things you can do to add a few more HP in
> certain conditions but things start breaking when these limits are
> exceeded - and that's what a race caar/engine is for. If you want 400HP
> that's a race engine and he stock electroncis won;t work at all - and it
> won't have a ice cubes chance in hell of being street legal either.
well, as soon as you do ANY mods to your car, you increase the chance of
breakage.  Cylinder pressure causes breakage, and anything you do to
increase power(cylinder pressure) increases that chance.  It jus depends
on what you feel is your threshold of reliablity you want to accept.

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