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[10 Svo] How to adjust Throttle Body

Scott Shidel... wrote:
> I just want to start by saying I wa in no way attempting to flame or pick
> at you.  I usually just cut rite to what I want to say, and sometimes it
> may seem like i am being harsh when Im not tryin to.

No problem. I enjoy the info exchange, when I have the time.

> > Well, first off 19 is out of the efficiency range for the stock
> > compressor - so that's borderline as to whether it will even make more
> > power than 16 PSIG.
> Well, its just less efficient.  Unless the efficiency is down at like 45%.
> But these turbos are no gems either. I *heard* the highest efficiency
> puddle on a map is like 68%.  Thats as good as it gets anyhow...And as for
> turbos and efficiency goes, that straight up sux.

Pardon but these compressor maps show 72% in the general operating range
for the stock profile engine. By the time it gets down to 65%, you're in
trouble even with a cooler. 45%? Better off to not put on the blower at
all. There are many people much more knowledgable than I on blowers (and
they seem to spend more time on the Merkur list) so you might want to
checkout the archives.
> Whattya mean?  You can see on the pump when they refilled the underground
> tanks?

What state are you in? Here in AZ and in CA I've never seen them updated
but perhaps twice a year - and I seem to remember the underground sand
pits being distrubed at least once a week. You can't measure octane
chemically - it's a very complex mechanical test process. Any
petrochemists out there?

> With varying qualities of gas with the same octane rating, what is
> considered good gas and whats lousy? I have no idea so I run Fina(or
> Supertest brand) in the escort and Mobil in the Pinto.  I heard Mobil sux
> too, but I never hear whats supposed to be better.

Wich I had a hard and fast answer for you but you already drive an
octane testing, boost-adjusting engine so why not let it tell you what's
good and what's not? If it didn;t ping or surge on the last tank and it
does now, then this one's bad.

> Thing about the KS that bothers me its alot more things than detonation
> set it off(ie, Motorsport roller off the top of my head).  thats why I
> dont like to run it.  If the car is set up rite, it should work without
> it, 

Wrong! Thsi system in very agressive and interactive. If it worked
without hte KS, then the timing is too late always.

> and even if something does happen, unless your really not paying
> attention, you should be able to react and get off the throttle quick
> enuff to atleast equal damage prevention capabilities of the KS.  Contrary
> to maybe popular belief, it takes more than 3 seconds of detonation to
> blow a head gasket.  

How long does it take to get down the quarter mile? How about the next
stop light? Who has enough sense to back off when the other guy's right
there and you can't hear the detonation? Do it if you want, but be
prepared to be towed home.

> I beleive its a good addition to a high risk
> situation when being driven by people of varying intelligence(the way Ford
> has to approach the situation), but I would think that almost everyone on
> this list would have the sense to atleast let off if they heard
> detonation. And that stategy will not damage your motor if you make an
> effort to correct the problem.  Damge will occur if you bonehed around
> like that for a year.

I don;t assume that at all. I know many smart people, some of them very
good drivers, that will drive the car unbtil it does - won;t go over 40
MPH so I'm oulling the engine this weekend). Look at the Merkur list.
They need the "Ford's EFI Turbo for Dummies" book. Feel free to
disconnect it but do your homework first. And if you get a bad tank of
gas, don't drive the car.

> Hell, the pinto doesn't ping, but it went from running a 14.3 to running
> 13.9 on its first nite at the track when I dc'd the KS.

So your engine is definitely octane limited. Get some Toluene or Xylene
- but don't tell anyone cause it's not legal in any drag racing class.
If you stay below 10%, it'd hard to smell the difference but above 15%
it's obvious that you;re not running petrol anymore (but then you can't
get real petrol at the filling station either!)

-Mike Fleming