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Re: [4 Svo] Porting the intakes


On Fri, 10 Oct 1997, Chris Roth wrote:

> Joe,
>  Does this mean you are back on the list? If so, welcome back.

Not really...Dave never took me off.  I just watch it and reply to my
friends if something is interesting...I could have sworn I told you I was
here when you bought the filter...

I just got really sick of having a bunch of losers tell me that I didn't
know what I was doing -- I'm not trying to sell anybody anything, just
trying to help my friends and have fun like everybody else.  Like the
filter deal -- I have a smokin' hookup over there...if someone want a
filter, I can get it for them for cheap -- but I'm not trying to tell
them that they'll 1) gain 50 horses with it...or 2) find fame and fortune.

I make 5-8 bucks on them to cover my time (to get and send) and the
postage.  I've bought stuff from Tim and Dave buys filters from me.  If
our roller cam works out ok, you'll be able to call Web-Cam and get a
"real" turbo roller cam sometime in the near future...and I'm not getting
a cut at all.

 > > Yes I do have a head with the FMS A237 kit installed.  It has the
> adjustable cam sprocket and the roller cam.  I will double-check all of the
> parts this weekend.  I have been told several times that this is a crappy
> cam for our motors, what do you think about it?

It's a crappy cam for our motors...

Actually, if the reversed the patterns, it would be an excellent one.
It's a nice piece functionally, the grinds just aren't appropriate for a
turbo.  It's kind of like Nick and Steve's cam, only a little smaller -- I
mean, that they have some of the same problems, like too much exhaust
duration, relative to the intake.  Nick and Steve's cam has way too much
duration and the wrong lobe centers, too.

It's basically a "Super Shops
small-block-Chevy-go-cruising-around-and-(try to)
impress-everybody-with-my-lope"-type cam, not a "turbo" grind...those don't lope at all, have wide
LC's and relatively more intake lift and duration than exhaust duration.

It's not any big secret really, and for the life of me, I can't figure out
why they don't know that.

> What do you know about Nick at Modern Performance?  He has a head porting
> job and roller cam setup that sounds pretty good, but I am afraid that Nick
> is the east coast ETS.  Have you heard any good or bad things about the cam
> he sells.

I'd basically agree with the "East Coast ETS" deal...I hear that he's a
nice guy (in person), but as far as 2.3 stuff goes, IMHO -- he hasn't much
of a clue.  He strikes me as being similar to Calvin in "Calvin and
Hobbes" ...where he thinks he's going off to do battle with space aliens
and he's really just sitting in the bathtub getting his ears scrubbed by
his mom. ;)  I mean really...his Merkur goes what...mid 14s?  Be
serious...he has all the "cool" stuff and his XR goes what my bone-stock
'84 SVO goes...

I think if you're gonna set yourself up as an authority, you better have
something to back it up besides a lot of talk, broken parts and slow cars.
If I can admit what I don't know (lots), then the "all-mighty" Nick can
admit what he doesn't know (lots more)

> What do you mean by  "master" one? Do you want to measure it for duplication?

Steve at Web-Cam is going to tear down a machine in the next few weeks to
make masters (the patterns that cams are cut from...) and I'm trying to
build a "database" of 2.3 lobes...I have a ton of cams over there...a
bunch of differet stockers, stock rollers, an Esslinger/MP roller, some
flat-tappet hydraulics, about 10 or so -- I want to try and get one of the
FMS rollers, too -- once you pattern the lobes, you can use them any way
you want to.

We have two other rollers done already, but I have to get them into an
engine to check the clearances, then run them on the dyno to see if they
work.  I want to get another -55 engle to test out also, because I don't
want to tear down the Pinto.  I have some races coming up. $$$

I better get to school...I'll talk to you soon, let me know about the cam.


BTW -- I'm being a good "lurker"... so...shhhhhhh! ;)