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[1 Svo] pinging and gas stuff

For the sake of information exchange, I thought I'd pipe in some of my
experience on the subjects at hand:

On Fri, 10 Oct 1997, Mike Fleming wrote:

> Scott Shidel... wrote:
> Pardon but these compressor maps show 72% in the general operating range
> for the stock profile engine. By the time it gets down to 65%, you're in
> trouble even with a cooler. 45%? Better off to not put on the blower at
> all. There are many people much more knowledgable than I on blowers (and
> they seem to spend more time on the Merkur list) so you might want to
> checkout the archives.

Wow...you're telling us that the stock Garretts are not very efficient
(duh...) makes me wonder what the IHI's like mine rate...I'm at 14.3's
with the stock 5-speed IHI and it's never weezed better! ;)

> > With varying qualities of gas with the same octane rating, what is
> > considered good gas and whats lousy? I have no idea so I run Fina(or
> > Supertest brand) in the escort and Mobil in the Pinto.  I heard Mobil sux
> > too, but I never hear whats supposed to be better.
> Wich I had a hard and fast answer for you but you already drive an
> octane testing, boost-adjusting engine so why not let it tell you what's
> good and what's not? If it didn;t ping or surge on the last tank and it
> does now, then this one's bad.

This point of Mike's is a good one. I only run Amoco Premium in the Pinto
with the KS off all the time (the lower intake doesn't have a boss for one
at the moment) and you can really tell the differences in tanks of gas.
It's much better than my experiences with Mobil.

> > Thing about the KS that bothers me its alot more things than detonation
> > set it off(ie, Motorsport roller off the top of my head).  thats why I
> > dont like to run it.  If the car is set up rite, it should work without
> > it, 
> Wrong! Thsi system in very agressive and interactive. If it worked
> without hte KS, then the timing is too late always.

I feel that my '88 TC system runs fine without the KS with 18 psi boost,
premium fuel, and stock timing. I agree that if you _are_ pinging that you
could be octane limited and it's not a good idea to disconnect it, but
also keep in mind that other things may set off the KS which could
drastically affect performance. In my case, my 3" downpipe (for clearance
reasons) must run right along the channel of the frame. When I get on it
hard _all_ the vibrations of the engine and chassis are transmitted
through this "connection" and I can feel a difference as the timing is
pulled out with the KS connected. 

> > to maybe popular belief, it takes more than 3 seconds of detonation to
> > blow a head gasket.  
> How long does it take to get down the quarter mile? How about the next
> stop light? Who has enough sense to back off when the other guy's right
> there and you can't hear the detonation? Do it if you want, but be
> prepared to be towed home.

You can hear it...my car is especially loud, and you can hear it the
instant it starts to ping. If the car is in good tune with good fuel, you
should have minimal ping...maybe just a little rattle here and there (like
in shifts).

> So your engine is definitely octane limited. Get some Toluene or Xylene
> - but don't tell anyone cause it's not legal in any drag racing class.
> If you stay below 10%, it'd hard to smell the difference but above 15%
> it's obvious that you;re not running petrol anymore (but then you can't
> get real petrol at the filling station either!)

Where can you pick up some of that stuff?