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[2 Svo] zany intercooler thought

This is not a Zany idea.  Dig up an old tech sheet on the Mustang MACH III
concept car and you will see it has already been done.  Ford did it as a
test with that car's supercharger intercooler.

> From: DBROWER.US.ORACLE.COM <DBROWER@us.oracle.com>
> To: svo@smartworx.com
> Subject: [1 Svo] zany intercooler thought
> Date: Friday, October 10, 1997 2:31 PM
> This would be applicable to dragging and autox; not to more extended 
> racing, I wouldn't think. 
> One of the big problems we have with the intercooler is heat soak, 
> and the availability of cool enough air during operation.  We 
> can increase airflow, perhaps with a fan, but that doesn't help 
> the ambient air, or the heat soak very much. 
> However, we do have a source of coolness available -- the A/C system. 
> Imagine we go beyond air/air and air/coolent I/Cs, and go to  
> air/refrigeration intercoolers. 
> It is almost certainly true that the load of the A/C compressor 
> would not be compensated for by increased power output over the long 
> term.  But it is not unreasonable to think the A/C at idle between  
> runs could do a better job of taking care of the heat soak as 
> a bag of ice, and without dribbling cold water on the hot manifolds. 
> I have no idea how to accomplish this, mind you, but it makes me  
> wonder.  How would you turn an i/c into an a/c evaporator? 
> -dB