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[2 Svo] zany intercooler thought

How about a couple of spinoff's on your idea.  I've seen the winshield washer system directed onto the intercooler instead.  It's effectiveness is probably questionable.  I doubt it would leak water on the ground though since the turbo is liable to evaporate anything that comes near it.  
The second and much more effective one I've tried.  Unforturnately it's somewhat expensive.  Nitrous make a GREAT intercooler.  I never ran more than 50 hp worth in the engine which made a decent gain in performance (about 1/2-3/4 sec. on street tires).  For the starting line I directed the purge valve onto the intercooler fins.  Spraying the intercooler a few times is like running your car in the winter.  Again, nitrous isn't cheap but it is COLD.

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This would be applicable to dragging and autox; not to more extended 
racing, I wouldn't think. 
One of the big problems we have with the intercooler is heat soak, 
and the availability of cool enough air during operation.  We 
can increase airflow, perhaps with a fan, but that doesn't help 
the ambient air, or the heat soak very much. 
However, we do have a source of coolness available -- the A/C system. 
Imagine we go beyond air/air and air/coolent I/Cs, and go to  
air/refrigeration intercoolers. 
It is almost certainly true that the load of the A/C compressor 
would not be compensated for by increased power output over the long 
term.  But it is not unreasonable to think the A/C at idle between  
runs could do a better job of taking care of the heat soak as 
a bag of ice, and without dribbling cold water on the hot manifolds. 
I have no idea how to accomplish this, mind you, but it makes me  
wonder.  How would you turn an i/c into an a/c evaporator?