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[3 Svo] zany intercooler thought

OK, guys...check this out.

There is this stuff called Endust for Electronics, and it is your basic
"can of air" for cleaning dust off of sensitive electronic equipment.  If
you hold this can upside down, and spray it on the intercooler, the liquid
that comes out is very cold, and freezes whatever it touches immediately.
But, it will not leave any condensation puddles, because its properties are
like that of liquid nitrogen.  BTW, I have no idea what this liquid
chemical is, therefore, use with caution, and you are responsible for your
own actions.  

My feeling is that this method will be more effective than icing your
intercooler, since it seems to be quite a bit colder.  I froze my skin to
the bottle one time, and it was not a pretty site.