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[11 Svo] How to adjust Throttle Body

 Mike,  I appreciate your help and exchange of knowledge, but we don't all
have the experience and background that you may have, and thats what make
lists like this so great, I've learned more in the last two years, than from
the prior ten that I have been driving turbocharged Fords.  Sometimes we all
try to diagnose a problem and may be looking at it from the wrong angle
completely, but how else do you learn than from experience and or the advice
of others.

So I really don't  expect to be called an idiot just because I try to ask
others advice who are more knowledgable than I am, how else can I "do my

When I posted my first message to this list, I didn't get any response so I
posted it to the Merkur list, and got quite a few informative replies along
with yours.  I didn't intend to offend you by looking elsewhere for
knowledge, but it seems you may have taken it that way.

I was trying to troubleshoot a problem that had not occured before, I had
assumed it was fuel related because of the recent tank of injector cleaner,
but wanted to hear from others to increase my knowledge.

Sorry to waste anyone's time with this post.