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[2 Svo] pinging and gas stuff

Cory Erickson wrote:
> Where can you pick up some of that stuff?

Paint stores will be able to get a good enough quality to burn, say 98%
pure. Don;t plan on using it as a regular diet - expect to pay
$7.00/gfal/US in 5 gallon cans. Don;t breathe it (wear a respirator) and
don;t get it on your skin (wear long pants and long elbow gloves).
There's a reason why this stuff was banned in F1 racing so be careful
cause it'll kill you (and I certainly don't recommend that for

I only recommend it as a viable method to rule out fuel octane as the
cause of whatever symptom you;re looking into - not as  steady diet.
Although if you've got the double-styro cooler filled with dry ice
chunks and are headed for the drag tonite, it's a good idea. Don;t let
many people stand by your exhaust pipe though.

The heat value of Toluene and Xylene are higher than gasoline so the
burning characteristics are different and, if you know how to tune for
that, can be used to a nice advantage. Do youe homewoerk first and,
again, be careful cause this stuff ain't friendly to your body. Remember
way back about 25 years ago when plastic glue used to have Toluene
(Toluol) in it?

-Mike Fleming