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Re: Questions

Chris Roth wrote:
> Well I managed to loose your head work guy's business name, address and
> phone number, I think his name is Jeff.  I you could find some time to
> forward that information again I would appreciate it.  I am planning on
> being in the Phoenix area in a couple of weeks and might just run the head
> down to him in Tucson.  Maybe I can meet up with you again and this time I
> will buy the dinner.

Jeff Koerner, Koerner Engineering
3231 E Michigan St.		520-573-9166
Tucson, AZ   85714

> Does Jeff? only do the head work or does he have ideas on cam profiles to
> run on the head once his work is done?  I still want a streetable car but a
> nice flowing head/cam would also be great.  I remember you saying your SVO
> runs a 12.9 in the quarter but I did not catch what trap speed you are
> running. Can you send me that info, please?

1/4: 13.26 @ 107.5 on street tires, dry burnouts and launching in second
gear. Have never used slicks on my cars. Drove it to work that day and
drove 104 miles home after the runs. Altitude was approx 1800 ft and
ambient temps were in the 95-100 degree F range, low humidity - typical
Phoenix summer evening. Haven't bothered to run the STP corrections (to
sea level, real [cold] air, etc). That was way back in 1991 when I
worked at the Bondurant School.

Jeff does all kinds of fine, quality machining. Doesn't do cams but he
might have some ideas on what to use - nut then most of his 2.3L stuff
is for the circle track racers that don;t need anything below 4500 RPM
and pull into the 7500RPM range - where the carbs fall down. Head wortk
is gonna be about hte same except we (street drivers) don't need too
much enlargement on the intake side and we want the compression lower
while the normally aspirated folks want it stinking high.

Gimme a call before and when you;re passing htru.

-Mike Fleming