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[7 Svo] Old Magazine Articles

REDsvo86@aol.com wrote:
> What is power shifting?
> Chris

There are basically three kinds of shifts - the super fast one, which is
fastest if you make it and slowest if you don't; the perfect shift and
the lazy shift.

If I remembet the lingo, "'Speed Shifting' is a process of moving the
gear selector level whilst the throttle is firmly planted against the
firewall and with judicious usage of the clutch actuation mechanism"
aand "'Power Shifting' is exactly the same as 'Speed Shofting' with the
clutch linkage being called upon to perform any function."

If your timing is right, you might make it into the next gear. Neither
of these techniques apply to road racing, so I don't teach them at all.
Both of them are difficult on gearbox surviveability. Difficult ot say
but you might save a couple of tenths per shift and perhaps some boost
response by not having to lift.

The Ford EFI turbo cars won't kill themselves if you just keep the
throttle down - just bounce off the rev limiter - but it scares most

-Mike Fleming