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[11 Svo] How to adjust Throttle Body

Mike Fleming wrote:
> Scott Shidel... wrote:

> > Thing about the KS that bothers me its alot more things than detonation
> > set it off(ie, Motorsport roller off the top of my head).  thats why I
> > dont like to run it.  If the car is set up rite, it should work without
> > it,
> Wrong! Thsi system in very agressive and interactive. If it worked
> without hte KS, then the timing is too late always.

Wait!  Now maybe I'm not straight on something, but you're saying that
if you run well without the knock sensor, then that means your timing
is always too late (retarded)?  But if you get faster without the KS,
then that means the computer was already pulling out timing.  If the
computer pulls out timing when you're still too retarded, then I
have to conclude you'd be better of without the KS.  Am I reading
your message wrong?

For the record, I gained 2 mph and 0.3 sec when I disconnected mine,
with no hint of detonation at that boost level.  I AM running the
early 85 manifold and computer...