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[13 Svo] How to adjust Throttle Body

Mike Fleming wrote:

> Good question. From a design point, if you're gonna not use the KS then
> you MUST stay away from the detonation side.


>  If you do run a KS, again
> from a design point, then you can "bounce off" the detonation limit and
> stay right on the hairy edge - without breaking anything.

I assume when you say "from a design point" you're implying "as
opposed to the stock computer's strategy of running as far away
from the hairy edge as it can get as soon as it hears anything

> Again, a litle detonation isn't necessarily bad - but whose yardstick
> are you gonna use to say what a "little" is? In some engines if you can
> hear it, you're walking home but the 2.3L EFI Turbo is more like a truck
> engine so it stays together a little longer. Don't try this with the
> Porsche 930.

That's what the guys with the blown 5.0s say...as soon as you can
hear it, it's too late.  That hasn't seemed to be the case for us,

> The early manifold design (and associated EEC strategy) allowed for
> engine-generated noises very poorly. THe later stuff is much "smarter".

Someday when I find a PE box for less than $300 (sorry, Dave ;-)) I
guess I'll find that out.

> On a stock engine you can gain at least 1/2 second in the quarter by
> LEANING the fuel supply at WOT cause it's WAY too rich for max power on
> petrol. Same for all years - the EEC commands a 10:1 air/fuel ratio and
> this is too fat. If you coule find an easy way to lower it to say 13:1
> then you;d gain about 25HP.

Speaking of which, when is someone going to take care of us on this,
or is someone already selling a calibration better than the stock
PE box and I just haven't heard about it yet...?

> Later EEC strategy narowed the window where it will listen for
> detonation - I wrote an article on that already if you want to search
> the SVOOA back issues.

That must have been the year my subscription lapsed due to graduating,
moving, and job hunting.  I've saved all the ones I've gotten.  Cool
stuff, though.  I would love to write the code, and then sit at a dyno
tweaking parameter constants on an EEC-IV.  Why couldn't someone just
make a generic EEC-IV replacement with one of those new high speed
wide band O2 sensors that would just adapt to whatever A/F ratio
you told it to?

> Now, from a testing viewpoint, did you reconnect the KS and notice the
> same documentable decrease in performance?

Nahhh, I was too interested in running consistently that day.  But
I'll do it next spring, just for you ;-).  I understand that it's
not "real" numbers until I do, but I've generated enough nights
worth of numbers to know what's up when I suddenly beat my best
mph ever by 2 mph in conditions that weren't as good ;-).