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[3 Svo] zany intercooler thought

Scott Shidel... wrote:

> I have tinkered wih the thought of jus letting a can of 134A run across
> the fins of my air to air, but that would get expensive:)

I'm liking that nitrous idea, I can't believe I never thought of
that.  Sheesh, if you've already got it on-board anyway ;-).
What a great way to build a sleeper.  Put the motor in an old
notchback so you'd have a trunk for the bottle(s), run a high
flow I/C in the stock location so no one would notice anything
special, and spray it with nitrous whenever you hit the button
on the motor (maybe just a WOT micro-switch or something).

400hp in a 2500lb generic looking mustang could be almost as
cool as a Pinto ;-).  Later...