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[3 Svo] SVO Entusiasts Only!

Ronald Larsen wrote:
> If you wouldn't mind asking we could really use some contacts within > Ford who might help us get some of the NOS parts back into production. > It's a long shot but anything is worth trying.

His name is David LaRocque and he is the national chairman of the SVO
Owners Association. David's been working really hard on this one and the
results are available now. First item was recoveringthe steering wheels
- project completed. NExt was the serious proce reduction of the front
suspension A-Arms ($145.00/each/US!!). Another thing he's working on
just now is recovering the shoft knobs.

Join the club - it's only $30.00/US per uear and help make it happen.

Email David at: svooa.nationaloffice@sympatico.ca

-Mike Fleming
Technical Director
SVO Owners Association
Tucson, AZ