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[9 Svo] Old Magazine Articles

> Which reminds me to ask, where is the rev limiter set on SVOs?

Here opinions vary (depending on the tach accuracy perhaps?) but the
"early" strategies wre in the neighborhood of 6350 RPM - that covers all
early manifold designs except those fitted to auto gearbox cars and I
have no idea - some as low as 6100 perhaps. 

The later manifold design, on the SVO went to 6500-6600 (again depending
on the tach)> I saw one printed source that said it was 6650 RPM but
don't remember where that was printed, so let's call it vapor just now.
The auto-gearbox units were lower - ask on the Merkur list cause there
aren't too many auto-gearbox SVOs around <grin>.

It's easier on the soul to bounce off the rev limited in second gear -
less drama. So do it and tell us.

-Mike Fleming
Technical Director
SVO Owners Association
Tucson, AZ