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[3 Svo] Regarding mixing your own rocket fuel...

Carl Morris wrote:
> If that's not true, what's the reason for the different labels?

I'm not in marketing so I can't say but I suspect it's to attract a
different group of customer.

I work in computer software and I certainly hope no one out there really
expects to get everything that's printed on the box lsbel. I suspect the
same for snake oils. In my experience the 104+ stuff is fair as far as
octane improvers - and I don't like alcohol-based additives cause I know
how much methanol really costs so I can't see paying 20x for it in a
little bottle - and it doesn't help much.

Keep in mind that all the fuels we were accustomed to improving a year
or two ago don't exist now - we've now got something called
"reformulated fuels" so most of the old rules still apply but the
qualitative results don't. Increasing MON is still a very difficult
thing to do [and expensive].

I've not seen any O2 or CAT damage from using these fuel additives -
heavy concentrations will leave deposits in the combustion chambers and
on the spark plugs (specifically 104+ in this case) so if it's a steady
diet use it in small quantities. 

All we're interested in by using rocket fuel (because of the potential
$100+ cost per tankful!) is to see how much we're limited just by octane
- all an air charge cooler does for us is limit octane sensitivity - so
it's a part-time diet and dmamge ot O2/CAT components is quite unlikely
in the worst of conditions.

-Mike Fleming
Technical Director
SVO Owners Association
Tucson, AZ