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[2 Svo] Regarding mixing your own rocket fuel...

Mike Fleming wrote:

> For a typical "test brew" I start with 10 gallons
> of the highest-priced racing unleaded fuel you can get (reputed to be
> 105 octane pump and generally about $4.00/gal) and add 1-2 gallons of
> Toluene and a full bottle of 104+ black stuff.
> <snip>
> No CAT or oxygen sensor damage will occur.

Speaking of 104+ in the black bottle, I have run it in the past,
but was hesitant because the red bottle specifically says "Safe
for all engines" or something like that, and the black bottle
doesn't.  I took that as a possible hint that the stuff in the
black bottle would trash my O2 sensors.  If that's not true,
what's the reason for the different labels?