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Chris Roth wrote:

> How did your SVO engine act with the bad TFI?  I am particularly interested
> in the WOT operation.  In the 86 I am experiencing a severe miss over
> 11psi.  There is no pinging but the car acts like it is running on
> 3cylinders.  I can ease into the boost and it will climb up to 15psi but if
> I floor the car, it will start to miss almost immediately.  Does this sound
> like a TFI problem?  I have checked and replaced the plugs & wires.  But it
> seems like a TFI problem.  What do you think?

It doesn't sound like a TFI to me.  When mine was going bad it ran
poorly even at cruise, and sometimes even got better when I changed
throttle position often.  Following a similar thread on Fordnatics
has led me to suspect the plug wires in cases like yours (and mine
at the track when I turned the boost way up).  They're all
recommending the Motorcraft (as opposed to Motorsport) wires.