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[Fwd: Re: Sputtering Thunderbird Turbo Coupe]

Here's the dude to talk to if you have any more questions...
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I believe the reason the Motorcraft wires work so well, and are needed on
our cars is simply related to their construction. They are only 8mm wires
(8.8mm?), BUT if you chop one in half, and compare it to the cross section
of an Accel 10mm wire, you will notice that almost 1/3 of the diameter
of the Motorcraft (~3mm) is _all_ spiral wound core, while the Accels have
really small whimpy cores (~1.5-2mm). Now, what actually conducts the

I bought a set of Neihoff lifetime warranty 8.8mm wires and threw them on
the car for the hell of it. The tach jumped around while accelerating, and
missed under boost. I pulled an end off when I took the wires off, and
voila! a 1.5mm core! Wire manufactures are so deceiving with their "large
diameter" = high performance wires.


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