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Hi, I'm new to this list and a couple of list members suggested I relate
my experiences racing Auto-X in C-Prepared class.

 My car consists of a stock '88 2.3 Mustang body with an '88 T/C 2.3L
turbo motor. The motor is still stock except for the T-4 / T-3
turbocharger. I run 15lbs of boost, tried 18-19 and lost another head
gasket in 100 degree heat.

 I just last week locked up the year end trophy the CP trophy for the
SCCA Cincy region, I beat out my brother in his '93 Cobra Mustang. The 2
cars are roughly "prepared" equally. What he gains in torque, I gain in
cornering speed. There were several SVO's that came out and raced at the
begining of the year that did very well. This was the best handling
Mustang that Ford produced prior to the 94 and up[ Cobra Mustangs. I
have adapted the brakes off of a SVO to fit the 4 lug pattern on my car
and 2 sets of wheels. Most of my car came from the junkyard (budgetary
problems), its taken 2 years to learn to drive the car well enough that
I beat most all of the local guys on a regular basis.

 My car is still driven daily, still has 2 seats, radio, pwr windows and
locks. It weighs 2900lbs (450 lbs over class weight) and still run
street tires (read; BFG R1's 245/50-15). To make the car competitive
nationally (need about 3 seconds) slicks and 450 lbs weight reduction
should be worth about 1.5 seconds. The new turbo motor in the planning
stages for next season should put me in the top 10 at the regional /
national level. Hoping to put 300HP down at the rear wheels.

Waiting for the Brinks truck to show up at my door,

Mike Guard
SCCA Cincy CP champ
Fastest SCCA CP Mustang
PS: It runs 14.6 @ 92.5 mph in road race trim, maybe faster with someone
who nows how to drag race?