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[1 Svo] TFI Modules: Dave Compton

Dave, is it true you can get us Motorcraft TFI modules for $49.95? My
friends TC just went through his second (defective) Standard TFI module.
He wisely decided to get his money back this time. I am interested in
two modules, one for me as a spare. I also need to know if this module
will also work in a 1986 F-150 4X4 (5.0 liter truck) and a 1990 Mercury
Grand Marquis (5.0 liter car) as well as my 1987 TC. I suspect it will
as my friends TC is now running nicely on a module pirated from his 1986
3.8 liter V-6 bird. Thanks, 

John Garasimowicz Garasimo@worldnet.att.net