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(Fwd) Pssst, Wanna go Fast?

Colorado SVO'ers,

This is the skinny on the Pueblo road course (PMI) event I've been talking

This isn't going to be a track school, so if you're short on road course
experience, this may not be an appropriate event - PMI is relatively safe,
generally has good runoff, and the newly paved surface is primo, but there are
a few places where the uninitiated can wad up a car, so beware.

The rules we WILL be enforcing are primarily safety: Seat belts and helmets are
required, and we'll be doing a tech inspection for tires, steering, brakes,
throttle return, battery hold-down secure, no leaking fluids, etc.

I expect that we'll break into groups based on experience and a few qualifying
laps, just so we get similar groups on the track at the same time.

Weather permitting, The SHO and I will be there.

The $75 cost, BTW, is cheap for this kind of event.

Gary Morrell

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Date: Mon, 13 Oct 1997 18:51:55 -0600
To: Bob Tunnell <bobt@wmfilms.com>, cakneller@aol.com,
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From: Gary Phillis <gphillis@boulder.net>
Subject: Pssst, Wanna go Fast?

On Saturday 25 Oct 97 at 9:00am, several of us are gathering at the Pueblo
race track (PMI).  We will just happen to have some timing equipment with
us....wanna go fast?


There are no rules.
$75.00 per car for all day
There is no sanction
There is no insurance
Sign the track waiver, and run what ya brung.
There are no workers & You don't have to work (there are no cones...)
Bring some numbers for the car if you want a time.

No turkeys or squirrels - we want people we can trust,
people who know how to go fast!

If the weather is nasty, we won't do it.  We need it dry.

Let me know if you want to run.  I would like to get a count of the number
of people who want to run.

If anyone asks, this is just a practice/test day at PMI.


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