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Re: [4 Svo] Porting the intakes

On Wed, 15 Oct 1997, Chris Roth wrote:

> Joe,
> I have not haad time to look at the head to see if the followers are 
> there on the cam.  I will get to it this weekend.  This is the ime of 
> year that I get really busy with computer stuff, 80+ hours a week.  
> But hey the extra grand per week is sure nice.

I've been bust this week trying to get the Pinto back together...It turns
out that I had inadvertantly "lightened" the pinion gear a little, so I
had to get a new set of gears, bearings (races were smoked) and hardware.

I'm glad I live near Currie...;)
> What do you do fro the school out there or are you a student studying 
> what?

I'm a "re-entry" undergrad, studying Political Science.  I should be done
this year.  For $$$ I repair cars (mainly Hondas and Acuras) at
home...and I "work" (intern, volunteer, whatever) part-time in the Mayor's
office in Riverside.  Kind-of like "Spin City" except not nearly as fun.
> > Another question,  have you checked out the Coutour SVT?  It seems 
> pretty cool for a pseudo family car, maybe a baby SHO?  I saw one run 
> up here at the track and run a low 15.  Not bad for a four-door.  My 
> wife and I are looking into leasing one for our up and coming family 
> (actually I want it just for fun).

I've seen them at car shows, but I've never driven one.  They are pretty
damn cool IMO.  I still don't think I'd buy another new Ford though...as
soon as you're out of warranty, they kick you to the curb...they just want
you to get into a new car.  

Maybe I'm just jaded because I saw it everyday, but it seems like Honda
still treats their customers right, even if they have an old one.  Maybe
that's why an old Accord is still worth money and an old Torino isn't...

I better get going...it's almost 2 and I have an 8a class...(yawn)

Talk to you later,

BTW -- just let me know about the cam when you find out...don't hurry on
my account.