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Re: SCCA Competition License

boy, I've been sitting on this for awhile, eh? It seems that the only time I
can get to answering e-mail is Friday after 5PM.

If you're looking for an SCCA road race license, the first step is to take an
approved school, either an SCCA track school, or one of the approved schools
like Go-4-It, Track Time, Skip Barber, Russell Racing, or Bondurant. Of these,
the SCCA regional track school will be the least expensive, maybe $250 for the
weekend, but you'll need your own, or a borrowed, GCR legal race car, as they
won't let you take the class in your street car. It has to have all the safety
equipment, roll cage, fire supression system, driver's suit, etc.  Most of the
big name schools have cars you can rent.

Pass the school, and you get a provisional license. Then you need to run in
some regional road race events, I think its 2 or 3 per season to keep your
license current.

Unless you're going to start club racing in earnest, getting an SCCA
competition license is going to end up way more expensive then the $170 that
SSC wants to check you out on the LVMS road course.

You might ask the SSC folks if they'll consider an SCCA Solo Trials or Solo I
license sufficient, those are much easier to obtain. Some of the other marque
car clubs like Porsche Club and BMW CCA also have schools and various levels of
certification, which SSC may accept.

BTW, did you get the note I sent about the outlaw lapping day at Pueblo road
course being held Saturday Oct. 25? If so, were you planning on coming out?

Gary M.
On Oct 10, 10:57, Chris Roth wrote:
> Subject: SCCA Competition License
> Gary,
>  What is involved in getting a SCCA Competition License including cost and
> car requirements?  My father and I have decided to build a Silver State car
> but I want to be licensed in SCCA to avoid the two instructional course
> before the Silver State race.
> Chris Roth
> caroth@holly.colostate.edu
> 85 SVO (Bright Red)
> 86 SVO (Silver Metallic)
>-- End of excerpt from Chris Roth