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[2 Svo] so, what is the solution to the PCV oil dump?

> I'm finally getting frustrated with the pools of oil in the turbo inlet, which
> have now backed up and soaked the hose to the air meter etc. etc.
> There has got to be a solution to this -- what is it?

The early engines had a more serious problem but the later PCV system
seems to have addressed this issue for the most part.

If you haven't yet installed the vapor can on the rear if the cam cover,
get the 87/88 TC cam cover, grommet and can and install it. There were a
couple of TSBs on this issue. Then make sure the elbow going into the
compressor inoet elbow on the turbo inlet is 0.188" or larger all the
way thru.

Of course if the engine's blowby is too high, the problem will get

-Mike Fleming
Technical Director
SVO Owners Association