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[Svo] The infinite story about SVO's and the Knock Sensor.... (fwd) {1}

Wow..finally get to get these 2 posts out:)

On Sat, 11 Oct 1997, Mike Fleming wrote:

Didn't Dave jus post a few days ago NOT TO POST ANYTHING BUT TEXT TO THE
LIST????  how soon ppl forget.......

> About a thousand people have asked for this, so enjoy. Please don't
> start using up bandwidth on what it means - 

Wussa matter..dont want ppl to confuse ya?:)

Where did you get the map from? other than it saying it has a .60 A/R,
what identifies it as a Ford 2.3 turbo?  Sayin it has a .60 AR doesn't
mean a thing..many different trim combinations use the same a/r.  Look at
the exhaust side.  .48 and .63...same wheel, differnet housing.  thats how
the a/r changed.  So, as you can see, more info is needed..
Joe Morgan says he has a map of the Garrett Ford trim T3, and is has no
puddle higher than 68% I could have sworn I hard him say...
but even if it did...what started this whole mess was you saying that
running 19psi on a stock turbo was "off the chart".  Do you know how to
even find the pressure ratio? You stuck your own foot in your mouth when
you sent your map out.  19psi is a pressure ratio of 2.26...your map goes
to 2.4, or atleast 2.33...

get a book on it and do some
> homework. The McInnes books are excellent and the Garrett web pagve has
> some other useful info.

John D Humphries also has a good book called Automotive Supercharging and
Turbocharging Systems....But beware, it is more technically centered than
McInnes's book...Humphries makes McInness look like some old redneck..


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