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[Svo] SVO Enthusiasts! -- One More Time! {1}

Now that I realize I had trouble spelling "Enthusiasts" I thought I'd send this again...and since the week has passed and some of you may have thought about why you love the SVO...there's still a chance to be included in this.

Thus far, I've gotten some neat responses, but I could use a few more, so here goes....And Mike Fleming -- I need something more substantial than what you sent me! P.S. Mike -- Vanna says "Hi!" (Imagine her sexy voice!)



This is a little off-base -- but should prove to be very interesting!

A friend's birthday is coming up. His name is John Clinard -- and he's one of "The Men" in the famous Mustang SVO ad "These are the Men ... This is the Machine." He was one of the first people hired at Special Vehicle Operations. As marketing manager, he was very instrumental in developing the Mustang SVO into what it became. Working on a shoestring budget and using his long love of Shelby Mustangs, Sunbeam Tigers, Ferraris, and his racing experience in his Formula Ford, the Mustang SVO came to fruition finally in 1983.

He is still with Ford, but is no longer with Special Vehicle Operations. He is one person who I admire and I thought it would be nice if you guys wanted to say something about your experiences with your SVO.

I intend to gather this information and summarize it (and edit it). I've already compiled numerous e-mails that came to me or through www.mustangsvo.org from SVO enthusiasts. I will present John with this and a special gift I have in mind.

Some Suggestions -- Summarize any way you want:

-What about the SVO made you buy it (or them)?

-What excites you about your SVO?

-What other cars have you owned that did or did not compare to the SVO?

-What have others said about your SVO?

-What do you like to do most in your SVO -- except how many babes/dudes you've fogged the windows with or how many street races you've won in your SVO.

-Just about anything else! Car show awards, etc.

-Your Name

-Your City/State

-What year SVO (owned or currently own) and other cars

Please reply to me -- NOT the list. I will post a summary to the list when it is complete.