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[Svo] so, what is the solution to the PCV oil dump? {1}

Don't forget to ONLY use a FORD PCV valve.  I don't know of anybody ever
finding any other brand that didn't leak under boost, which will *create*
this problem, where it didn't exist before.

Irony:  God gave the tortise a coeffficient of drag of 0.03

> From: Mike Fleming <mfleming@xtech.net>
> To: SVO@SmartWorx.com; DBROWER@us.oracle.com
> Subject: [2 Svo] so, what is the solution to the PCV oil dump?
> Date: Friday, October 17, 1997 9:47 PM
> > 
> > I'm finally getting frustrated with the pools of oil in the turbo
inlet, which
> > have now backed up and soaked the hose to the air meter etc. etc.
> > 
> > There has got to be a solution to this -- what is it?
> The early engines had a more serious problem but the later PCV system
> seems to have addressed this issue for the most part.
> If you haven't yet installed the vapor can on the rear if the cam cover,
> get the 87/88 TC cam cover, grommet and can and install it. There were a
> couple of TSBs on this issue. Then make sure the elbow going into the
> compressor inoet elbow on the turbo inlet is 0.188" or larger all the
> way thru.
> Of course if the engine's blowby is too high, the problem will get
> worse.
> -Mike Fleming
> Technical Director
> SVO Owners Association