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[Svo] Intercooler cleaning! {1}

  I should had done this a looong time ago - cleaning/degreasing the stock
intercooler.  It made such a noticeable difference in performance and turbo
spool up and it was easy.  First, remove the intercooler and lay it face down
which will relieve the deflector plate and it's many screws - take it off.
 Flip the IC over and the intercooler will fall out, but hold your hand under
and gently shake the IC, taking great care not to damage the fragile core.
 Suprisingly, the rubber gasket was a nice thick piece, glued to both sides
of the IC.  I have heard that this rubber gasket is no longer available, so
be careful. Now, comes the fun part.  I used Engine bright non-foamy
degreaser and sprayed generously in every crevice found on the IC ( I also
did the IC housing too).  To finish it off, I  thoroughly sprayed it with
water and blew off the excess water with compressed air.  Ironically, my IC
looked somewhat clean and didn't seem to be a candidate for this type of
cleaning.  Enjoy!