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Re: Pueblo this weekend

Chris Roth wrote:
> Carl,
> What is new? I have not talked to you in a while.  I did get new plug wires
> (Motorcraft 2.3T) and the miss went away. 

Cool, where did you get them?  I'm going to have to do the same thing.
I have the Motorsport wires, but two of them came apart on me already.
I put them back together, but that's when I had that problem at high
boost.  I bet the Motorcraft's would allow me to run more boost without
the stumble...

> Thanks for pointing me in the
> right direction.  I also replaced the TFI on the 85 with a Motorcraft unit,
> another cold start problem solved.  

I never heard of TFIs causing cold start problems.  That's interesting.

> I also completely rebuilt the carbs on
> my motorcycle but it still runs like crap (cold start), I will get new
> plugs today for it.
> Were you thinking about going down to the Gary Morrell event in Pueblo this
> weekend?  I was kind of scared away when he made it sound like it was a
> weekend for the Pros but then he e-mailed me again and asked if I was
> coming.  I was wondering you were going?

No, I had no plans of going.  Besides my car needing a lot of stuff to
do that kind of driving, I'm supposed to be pouring some concrete at
my house this weekend for a patio...