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Re: Pueblo this weekend

On Oct 20, 10:41, Chris Roth wrote:
> Subject: Pueblo this weekend
> Gary,
> I received your e-mail about the SCCA licenses, thanks for the information.
> I was thinking about coming to Pueblo, but it sounds like an event for the
> pros.  I ran my 5.0 there (at PMI) back in the fall of 1992 with the Shelby
> club, but have not run there since.  I have some, but very little official
> experience with the road course racing.  I fully understand the concepts of
> driving these events but have really not done the wide open deal with the
> experience you guys.  I would love to come destroy a set of tires just
> sitting at my house in Pueblo but I do not want to hold everyone up.
> Is this going to be an event for the serious racers and would you suggest
> that I wait for a different event?   I would really like to try out the new
> track surface.

Pros? We aren't pros, we just like to drive fast. ;-)

If you've been on PMI before, you'll be OK. I haven't heard back from Gary
Phillis on how many drivers we're expecting, but I'd be surprised if it
exceeded 20, so the track isn't going to be all that crowded. I wouldn't worry
about slowing anybody down, most of us are driving our cars there, not
trailering, which means that we'll not be running at ten-tenths, because we'd
like to get home too.

> How long do you think the event will last?  I will probably have to leave
> the track by 2pm, is it worth it for me to come down?

We're starting at 9AM, my expectation would be that most of us will be running
out of tires by mid afternoon, so if you get there by 9, they're be plenty of
track time.

Gary M.