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RE: [3 Svo] zany intercooler thought

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>Sent:	Friday, October 10, 1997 6:27 PM
>Subject:	[3 Svo] zany intercooler thought
>Scott Shidel... wrote:
>> I have tinkered wih the thought of jus letting a can of 134A run across
>> the fins of my air to air, but that would get expensive:)
>From:Carl Morris [SMTP:Carl_Morris@STORTEK.COM]
>I'm liking that nitrous idea, I can't believe I never thought of
>that.  Sheesh, if you've already got it on-board anyway ;-).
>[Sly, Dennis]  Cool idea Carl!. For those without nitrious, I was reading and
>old MM&FF article about Mike Abbey's 12 second Mustang SVO(WOW). There was a
>discription of the Spearco intercooler that is designed for the SVO. Spearco
>added a blower motor plumbed into the ram air leading to the intercooler.
>Here's what the article said.
>The Spearco intercooler is designed to mount in place of the original SVO
>unit. This mounting location shortens the plumbing to the throttle body,
>which helps to keep turbo lag to a minimum.As part of the Spearco kit a
>blower motor is plumbed into the ram air leading to the intercooler. This is
>important in Mike's drag race application because without airflow to the
>intercooler at the starting line the intercooler wouldn't be cool enough to
>improve performance until the car had completed a pass and was halfway up the
>return road.
84 SVO, Silver