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[Svo] Losing power--HELP! {1}

Hey SVO fans!

     I have a bone stock '86 SVO that just recently started to lose power.  It occurs most 
noticably at slower speeds, when climbing through the gears (ie., leaving a stop sign).  I 
think its also occurring at higher speeds (highway/freeway), but not as noticable.  This 
morning, I was pulling away from a stop sign and it literally felt as though I suddenly 
applied my brakes.  This occurred at about 2500 rpm.  Any ideas out there?
     Thanks for anything!
    ps.  Back in July I installed new plugs, wires, cap & rotor, and air filter.  I'm
         religious about changing my oil/filter every 2500-3000 miles.  Not sure this
         info helps, but...