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[Svo] Dead TC {1}

        Hi all,
  I just bought one of my old projects.  It is my buddies old `84 TC that I
did most of the work too.  The car was formerly owned by Alex Bernard (the
MM&FF exhaust guru) of Alex's Exhaust.  He put on an `88 TC nose and hood.
He also installed a lightly ported and polished head w/ the Motorsport
roller cam.  When my other friend owned it, we installed an `88 TC rear w/
4.10's and disks.  Also installed boost guage, boost controller (never
hooked it up though), Motorsport clutch, and had a custom exhaust (bent by
Alex) that uses a 3" downpipe (no cat) and Dynomax Turbo tube mufflers with
either 2.25" or 2.5" pipe (can't remember).  Point is, about 6 months ago,
the car spit the auxillary shaft.  I then installed a new shaft and a spare
distributor that was laying around (instead of new gear).  We didn't have
any oil around, so I left the car there and told him "DO NOT START THE CAR
UNTIL WE CHANGE THE OIL!".  Well, as you can all probobly guess, the next
morning, he started the car to set the timing.  Well, we then changed the
oil and he drove the car.  A few days later, the car started losing power
badly, and eventually started popping out the intake.  The car died.  He was
able to restart it, but he couldn't drive it because it ran so bad.  He had
it towed home and let it sit (for 6 months).  I just bought the car from him
last week.  It is still at his house, but I will pick it up in a few days to
start working on it.  Well, any ideas where to start looking?  He had it
checked out, and they said he wiped the cam, but they never pulled the valve
cover either.  Is this possible?  I've never heard of a roller cam eating
lobes.  However, when we drained the oil originally, there were chunks of
gear in it from the blown shaft.  Remember, he started it before we drained
the oil.  Is it possible that chunks got into the head and killed the cam?
        Well, sorry this is so long, but I want to have an idea of what to
check when I start on this.  I have a spare motor just in case, but I also
have a spare Motorsport cam too.  Well, thanks in advance for any ideas.
                                                Bug Bug