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[Svo] Dash Pad Help {3}

Sorry, my last msg didn't go to the list. The grey's are different for
some of the years. The best way to go (assuming that you have an
uncracked uit) is to head on down to the Ford dealer and order a can of
ABS vinyl die. It looks like spraypaint but sinks in so it won't flake
off in time. Ford sells this in all different shades. Tell them what
color and what year you need it for. It's about $12/can  Note: this also
works great for coloring the A-piller gauge pods. They told me there was
only one shade used in `84 prob the same for `86

hats off to Lee C for passing this info on to me.


Iffin you have a cracked unit, find a good yard car (yeah right) of any
color and die it. I dyed a solid black piece of plastic to grey w/ no

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> Subject:	[Svo] Dash Pad Help {2}
> Was the grey interior color offered on other Mustangs in the 79-88
> timeframe?
> If so, salvage might be an option. I don't know if any of the vinyl
> spray colors
> work well enough to cover/wear and match, so I'd like to find a real
> gray unit.
> My cover got regular TLC for many years, and always looked like new.
> I had one week when I was out of town and the car was parked in the
> sun - 
> instant toast. I've been looking for one for a while now, too.
> Most of the carpet/velour based covers attached with self-stick
> velcro.
> I know of a couple of people who applied these when the car was pretty
> new in order to preserve the original. Sort of like those old plastic
> seat
> covers :-)
> Rod
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