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[Svo] Old Magazine Articles {1}

I asked: 
> Which reminds me to ask, where is the rev limiter set on SVOs? 
Mike answered: 
>The later manifold design, on the SVO went to 6500-6600 (again depending 
>on the tach)> I saw one printed source that said it was 6650 RPM but 
>don't remember where that was printed, so let's call it vapor just now. 
>The auto-gearbox units were lower - ask on the Merkur list cause there 
>aren't too many auto-gearbox SVOs around <grin>. 
>It's easier on the soul to bounce off the rev limited in second gear - 
>ess drama. So do it and tell us. 
It was about 6600 indicated, and the noise jiggled my eyeballs 
enough that I couldn't get a better read.