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[Svo] SVO pads? {2}

rumor a while back was that Northern Auto (1.800.831.0884) had really
good prices on rotors, maybe pads too. try it, it's a free call. oh,
most of the ford obb ball stuff doesn't make it in to their catalog.


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> Sent:	Tuesday, October 21, 1997 11:17 PM
> Subject:	[Svo] SVO pads? {1}
>   Ok guys, I need to replace my rear pads.  Should I buy the Pep Boys,
> Ford,
> or aftermarket Hawk pads? What about cold stopping power without
> fading?  And
> the noise factor?  Anyone have a good source for pads and maybe
> rotors?  Thank
> You.
> -Eric