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[Svo] Big Valve Head - help {1}

I phoned the Ford Motorsport tech line and they told me that what they
did was used a stock 2.3L head, sent it out to a machine shop so the
head would accept the bigger valves, used their springs, TRW Valves, TRW
retainers and TRW locks. The Head is no longer available from Ford and
hasn't been for over a year and a half. So, I guess I try to find out
what TRW valves are and go from there. Thanks for your input Ron.
Does anyone know what TRW means?

84 SVO, Silver


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>According to Steve Davis of ETS the Ford big valve heads are getting hard to
>find.  He had mentioned the remaining stock is of questionable casting
>quality.  Again, it's just his experience but he does work on a lot of 2.3's.
> The differences in heads are mostly related to bigger valves and unshrouding
>of the exhaust valve(removing some of the metal in the chamber).  You can buy
>bigger valves seperately and have the heads machined to accept them.  It's
>not exactly cheap work but it's cheaper than buying a head from Ford.  You do
>get a new cam with the kit but I don't think it offers much over an 86 SVO