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[Svo] Big Valve Head - help {2}

This head used to be available thru Racer Walsh in Jacksonville FL. It's listed
in their '96 catalog at $790 with the "stock plus" cam and standard followers
or $985 if equipped with a roller cam and followers.

Racer Walsh: (904) 721-2289 for Technical info. Florida may have been hooing
around their area codes lately, so 904 may be incorrect. If all else fails,
their toll free is 800-334-0151.

Gary Morrell

On Oct 22, 11:28, Sly, Dennis wrote:
> Subject: [Svo] Big Valve Head - help {1}
> I phoned the Ford Motorsport tech line and they told me that what they
> did was used a stock 2.3L head, sent it out to a machine shop so the
> head would accept the bigger valves, used their springs, TRW Valves, TRW
> retainers and TRW locks. The Head is no longer available from Ford and
> hasn't been for over a year and a half. So, I guess I try to find out
> what TRW valves are and go from there. Thanks for your input Ron.
> Does anyone know what TRW means?
> Dennis.
> 84 SVO, Silver