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[Svo] SVO Enthusiasts! -- One More Time! {2}

Not to bitch and moan, but can I make a suggestion that posts be in ascii
only? I wasn't even able to see this cuz it was an attachment, and even
when I could see it it is in HTML(blech).
Not all of us use Nutscrape Mail.  HTML is cool for a web page, but for a
universal forum like email I think we should stick to plain text.  

PS If there is something you would like to post from a web page, cut and
paste works jus as good as the HTML stuff, and its e3asier to read.

On Sat, 18 Oct 1997, Jim Dvorak wrote:

> <html>
> <br>
> <font face="MS Sans Serif">Now that I realize I had trouble spelling
> &quot;Enthusiasts&quot; I thought I'd send this again...and since the
> week has passed and some of you may have thought about why you love the
> SVO...there's still a chance to be included in this.<p>
> Thus far, I've gotten some neat responses, but I could use a few more, so
> here goes....And Mike Fleming -- I need something more substantial than
> what you sent me! P.S. Mike -- Vanna says &quot;Hi!&quot; (Imagine her
> sexy voice!)<p>
> <br>
> Repeat&#58;<p>
> Guys&#47;Gals,<p>
> This is a little off-base -- but should prove to be very 
> interesting!<p>
> A friend's birthday is coming up. His name is John Clinard -- and he's
> one of &quot;The Men&quot; in the famous Mustang SVO ad &quot;These are
> the Men ... This is the Machine.&quot; He was one of the first people
> hired at Special Vehicle Operations. As marketing manager, he was very
> instrumental in developing the Mustang SVO into what it became. Working
> on a shoestring budget and using his long love of Shelby Mustangs,
> Sunbeam Tigers, Ferraris, and his racing experience in his Formula Ford,
> the Mustang SVO came to fruition finally in 1983.<p>
> He is still with Ford, but is no longer with Special Vehicle Operations.
> He is one person who I admire and I thought it would be nice if you guys
> wanted to say something about your experiences with your SVO. <p>
> I intend to gather this information and summarize it (and edit it). I've
> already compiled numerous e-mails that came to me or through
> www.mustangsvo.org from SVO enthusiasts. I will present John with this
> and a special gift I have in mind.<p>
> <br>
> Some Suggestions -- Summarize any way you want&#58;<p>
> -What about the SVO made you buy it (or them)?<p>
> -What excites you about your SVO?<p>
> -What other cars have you owned that did or did not compare to the
> SVO?<p>
> -What have others said about your SVO?<p>
> -What do you like to do most in your SVO -- except how many
> babes&#47;dudes you've fogged the windows with or how many street races
> you've won in your SVO.<p>
> -Just about anything else! Car show awards, etc. <p>
> -Your Name<p>
> -Your City&#47;State<p>
> -What year SVO (owned or currently own) and other cars<p>
> <br>
> Please reply to me -- NOT the list. I will post a summary to the list
> when it is complete.<p>
> Thanks!<p>
> <br>
> </font></html>

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