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[Svo] Losing power--HELP! {2}

Tried getting codes?
check for intake leaks?
IC hoses tite?
check plugs for fouling?
fuel filter been changed anyime this century?

have you even looked at the car yet?

On Tue, 21 Oct 1997, Kenny Baxter wrote:

> Hey SVO fans!
>      I have a bone stock '86 SVO that just recently started to lose power.  It occurs most 
> noticably at slower speeds, when climbing through the gears (ie., leaving a stop sign).  I 
> think its also occurring at higher speeds (highway/freeway), but not as noticable.  This 
> morning, I was pulling away from a stop sign and it literally felt as though I suddenly 
> applied my brakes.  This occurred at about 2500 rpm.  Any ideas out there?
>      Thanks for anything!
>      --Kenny
>     ps.  Back in July I installed new plugs, wires, cap & rotor, and air filter.  I'm
>          religious about changing my oil/filter every 2500-3000 miles.  Not sure this
>          info helps, but...

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