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[Svo] Rearend Question {2}

These rears suck.
The best refurbishment is a Ford Motorsport Traction Lock differential. 
Last I heard these were on national backorder.  Rebuild it to include one
EXTRA clutch disc.  You can also get a posi from some older Ranger trucks,
but it may not even be worth it.

My Lincoln Continental has a 7.5, and I did this, and put 3.45s in it.This

Several list members have seen this 3800 lb car, sit still and smoke both
it's back 225-60-16s, evenly.

BTW, I'm still selling a 88 TC rear with 3.55s, and DRUM brakes and axles
for $250 near D.C.


> From: RaceSVO@aol.com
> To: Svo@smartworx.com
> Subject: [Svo] Rearend Question {1}
> Date: Wednesday, October 22, 1997 2:19 PM
> I have a question that relates to the SVO rearend.  I am running the
> rearend and do not want to swap it out since I autocross the car in F
>  The posi appears to not be working.  On a hard right hand turn, the
> rear will spin.  On a hard left hand turn, both tires seem to get power. 
> this normal for the SVO rearend or is the posi going out.
> Thanks.....