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[Svo] Big Valve Head - help {4}

At 03:10 PM 10/22/97 -0400, Dave Compton wrote:
>You can just have big valves installed in your stock head, and get a mild
>port job and have a better head, cuz of the porting, and it's cheaper.
>The cam in the FMS -A231 big valve head is identical to the one in 85.5-86
>SVOs or any year stickshift Merkur XR4ti. I have a new one for sale for

Right...if you want to take care of all the little details yourself. I
don't know anything about that stuff, so I talked to Nick and he knows what
to do as he's done a ton of 2.3 Turbo heads. I exchanged money for the head
and it was nice and easy. I know how to make money. I don't know how to
build heads.

I don't think it was necessarily agreed by all that the cam was the same --
only that there's only one you can get as a "service" replacement. (Keep
that in mind with a lot of the parts.) Doesn't seem anybody -- even Mike
Fleming -- said there's really enough difference to worry about it
though....even between the automatic cams from the Turbo Coupe or XR.

Not to open a can of worms.
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