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[Svo] Rearend Question {2}

If the diff has over 15K road miles, or you've been autocrossing regularly, the
posi action is gone. Most of the serious autocrossers I know running Mustangs
or Camaros in stock class keep at least one spare diff ready to go. Most feel
lucky to get 2 Pro Solos out of a diff before its time to reshim. Get it
rebuilt and reshimmed with one extra clutch disc, change the fluid, and be
prepared to do this several times a season if you're serious about being

I don't know if the Motorsport Traction Loc diff is allowable in F Stock, I
haven't looked at the rules. On a 12+ year old car, nobody will care if its
just local and regional autox, if you get competitive nationally, somebody's
bound to protest you.

The traction differences you're seeing while turning are probably due to the
driveshaft torque biasing the rear end, which affects tire loading.

Gary Morrell

On Oct 22, 14:19, RaceSVO@aol.com wrote:
> Subject: [Svo] Rearend Question {1}
> I have a question that relates to the SVO rearend.  I am running the stock
> rearend and do not want to swap it out since I autocross the car in F Stock.
>  The posi appears to not be working.  On a hard right hand turn, the right
> rear will spin.  On a hard left hand turn, both tires seem to get power.  Is
> this normal for the SVO rearend or is the posi going out.
> Thanks.....
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