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[Svo] SVO alignment ?'s {2}

For a " street" alignment I use 	 -.5 degree Camber 
			        	 .032" - .062" toe in
				as much Caster as possible, not really
adjustable, my caster / camber plates give me about 3.5 degrees positive

For "race" alignment I use	-2.5 degrees Camber
				.125" Toe out
				and again castor is not really

 Don't know what the factory settings are, but I don't think they are
too far off of the "street" settings.

Mike Guard
Fastest SCCA 2.3L CP Mustang

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> Subject: 	[Svo] SVO alignment ?'s {1}
>   I am planning on getting my SVO aligned soon and noticed how the
> stock
> camber plates have different numbered slots/holes on them.  I get this
> feeling that they are adjustable or at least need to be at a certain
> hole for
> correct camber/alignment, because both of mine are set differently and
> my RF
> tire has worn greatly on the outerside.  What should the stock specs
> be? Is
> there a spec for which I can set it to for more spirited driving and
> handling?  I need to get this info so I can tell the alignment shop to
> do it
> right.  Thanks.
> -Eric
> '86 SVO