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[Svo] Big Valve Head - help {3}

On Wed, 22 Oct 1997, Jim wrote:
> FMS is getting the aluminum heads from Esslinger. To my knowledge,
> Esslinger never supplied FMS the D-Port Big-Valve heads.

O yeah....thats right!  I knew FMS was sellin *some* esslinger head:)

> Contact Nick or Steve or a local trusted machine shop.
nah, i think I would stay with a trusted supplier like Esslinger
Engineering.  They have a proven track record of knowing what they are
doing, and cusotmer satisfaction.
Thing about locals is finding a shop that knows these things.  And its
hard to know who is for real and who is full of it, cuz none of them seem
to want ot admit they dont know how to work on them.  Ask Cory, ask Joe.
Chances are, if you go to a local shop that doesn't specialize in these
heads, you will be their test guinea pig, and end up with a valve train
with all sorts of goofy parts.

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